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Both Dojos to close again temporarily

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As Melbourne heads back into lockdown, we have sadly had to close both Dojos again for the time being. We will be moving back to online classes on Zoom from Monday 13th July using the same timetable as we had during the first COVID 19 lockdown. Zoom links have been sent to all current members, but if you have not received them, then please contact me. We will be running the following timetable for classes on Zoom:

White Belts – Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 4pm, Saturday at 9am

Gold to Green Belts – Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5pm, Saturday at 10am

Purple Belts & above – Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6pm, Saturday at 11am

Adults & Teens (All Grades) – Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7pm

Kata Class – Thursday at 5pm

Kumite Skills & Drills – Thursday at 6pm

I was extremely impressed with how well everyone trained in their homes during the first lockdown, so I am very confident that this time it will be even better. I look forward to seeing everyone on the computer soon. I hope you and your families all stay safe and healthy and let’s all work hard in isolation. Our Karate community has proven itself to be strong and united before. Here we go again!

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